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Ring Round the Moon is a comedy written by French playwright Jean Anouilh and adapted into an English version by Christopher Fry. The action of the play takes place during the "Belle Epoque" in France, the peaceful era just before the first World War. Madame Desmortes, a wealthy matriarch, has invited various family members and acquaintances up to her chateau for a ball... but her nephew Hugo has other plans-- plans which will throw the entire evening into chaos.

The Yokohama Theatre version was framed by the story of a struggling amateur Theatre company trying to put on the play with few resources and a series of disasters.



Nerd Nite #13: Peering into the Unknown


When: July 14 (Friday & Bastille Day), doors open 19:30, start 20:00

Where: Good Heavens bar (Good Heavens on Facebook), Shimokitazawa (https://goo.gl/maps/EP2r7KoLkQ52)

Price: ¥1500 on the door, includes 1 drink

Nerd Nite #13: Peering into the Unknown

Put on your smart glasses and beer goggles: if you squint really hard you'll find bosons and exoplanets at Nerd Nite in July.

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