Students studying in Japan (or anyone else who is interested) are welcome to apply for intern positions at YTG.

Domestic interns will work closely with Artistic Director Andrew Woolner, who runs the day-to-day operations of the company.  

 Important note: YTG has no permanent office space. Administrative interns may frequently work from home and check in over the internet (with email and project management tools such as ). Regular meetings will be organized online or in person on a regular basis. 

There are several areas of specialization available to intern applicants:

 Executive Assistant (bilingual)

  • Answer phone and return calls or pass messages along to appropriate staff members

  • Put ticket requests into box office system

  • Function as contact person between Artistic Director and Japanese Theatres and Theatre groups

  • Place phone calls to Japanese businesses to ask questions or make purchases

  • Facilitate at meetings between Artistic Director and VIPs.

  • Assist in preparing general outgoing documents and emails that must go out in Japanese

  • Assist in preparing general outgoing documents and emails that must be translated from English to Japanese


Outreach Coordinator (bilingual)

  • Attend arts events with Artistic Director and members of the Ensemble to function as interpreter

  • Coordinate regular social events hosted by YTG

  • Research public events that YTG members can attend

  • Book rehearsal and performance spaces

  • Facilitate at meetings between Artistic Director and VIPs.


Workshop Coordinator

  • Help plan workshop days and times with Artistic Director

  • Book workshop venues

  • Communicate with students

  • Keep track of payments and attendance



  • Assist with bookkeeping using GnuCash software

  • Assist in preparation of invoices, receipts and financial reports

  • Identify problems and misplaced paperwork


Box Office / Front-of-House

  • Oversee ticket sales

  • Train and oversee Front-of-House volunteers on show days

  • Balance cash box at end of each performance and submit report


Sponsorship Coordinator (bilingual)

  • Research and identify available grants & subsidies

  • Spearhead applications


Copy Writer (ideally bilingual)

  • Write website articles and post to the site

    • Show promos and reports

    • Workshop promos and reports

    • Event reports

  • Compose outgoing newsletters and send through MailChimp

  • Write copy for press kits



  • Attend rehearsals and board meetings

  • Record video

  • Move video to repository

  • Catalogue video

  • Take notes



  • Work on the revamping of the company’s look
  • Help create templates for common documents
  • Work on the Logo renewal project
  • Create posters and program covers for upcoming shows


Web Developer

  • Hone your web development skills on our website renewal project
  • Refine the look and layout of the current site
  • Come up with innovative ideas for content



Compensation: Discounts on company-run Theatre classes; tickets to YTG events and shows; tickets to events of sister companies. Interns are expected to cover their own transportation costs to and from the rehearsal or performance venue. Travel costs will be covered in special cases (like a tour or other event far away from the usual venues).


Dates, Days, Time: Extremely flexible.  Work will be done mostly independently and reported through our online tool.  Weekly meetings will be set up in order to check progress and deal with any problems.  Interns may be occasionally asked to work certain hours in order to coordinate with rehearsals or online meetings, but generally will set their own schedules.  (Such additional appointments will be made with the intern’s schedule in mind.)


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