Want to be part of the YTG volunteer team? Great! Our volunteer needs are sporadic and sometimes unpredictable, but here is a list of the types of ad-hoc volunteer positions that come up from time-to-time:


Backstage Makeup

Costume Sewing

Building set pieces and props

Front of House (Box Office & Ushers on showdays)

Sound Technician (for running sound cues)

Lighting Technician (running the lighting board)

Wardrobe Management

Annual storage shed cleanup help

And more...


All volunteer needs will be sent out via our newsletter, so for casual volunteers, signing up for that is the best way to be notified when volunteer opportunities come up. You can do that by ::CLICKING HERE::. However, if you have a special skill you think might be useful (skilled carpenter, designer, publicist, etc), feel free contact us directly by using our ::CONTACT FORM::.