2014/2015 Season

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2013/2014 Season 


The Teleportation Project

by Naoto Kojoh

Performed at the WORLD PEACE THEATRE in Kawasaki
August 16 & 17, 2014

The Teleportation Project was a fantastic piece of theatre that explored the personal, social, and philosophical consequences of a world-changing technology. The show was created in rehearsal by YTG and guest director from Holland Jochem van Rijsingen.


The 39 Complex

39 complex


The 39 Complex was YTG's spring show in 2014. It was made up of three original one-act plays combined into one evening of theatre.

This was YTG's first crowd-funded show; we raised nearly half a million yen from backers all over the world in order to put it on. It will provide the template for future fundraising.


Two Gentlemen of Verona - Oct 4 & 5, 2013

Two Gentlemen of Verona"What fashion, Madam, shall I make your breeches?"


The University of Cambridge's Pembroke Players returned to Japan for the fifth time with their production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Featuring men in the women's roles and women in the men's roles, as well as live music, it made Shakespeare's text entertaining and accessible to people new to the bard and old Shakespearean hands alike.



2012/2013 Season

House Show II: Haunted - Aug 3 & 4, 2013

Haunted 150pxOn August 3rd and 4th, 2013 YTG presented its second House Show.

The show was created and scripted by the Yokohama Theatre Summer Ensemble in rehearsal, based on scene ideas and improvisations created by members, working from the theme of  "Haunted".

Unlike the first House Show, in which the ensemble used a living room as a makeshift theatre, the Summer Ensemble took on the challenge of using the house pretty much as-is. The architecture and layout of the house directly inspired not just the theme, but also each and every scene in the show.


The House Show - Oct 7 & 8, 2012

House Show_SmallThe House Show was YTG's first site-specific show. It was performed at a secret location (someone's actual living room!) near Shirokane-Takanawa station in Tokyo to very small audiences. 

The show, directed by intern Thijs van Elten, mixed crime story with absurdism to create an intimate and intimidating piece of Theatre that never once forgot that there was an audience in the room.


Macbeth - Sept 21, 2012

Macbeth 2012_en_small"It will have blood; they say, blood will have blood."

The University of Cambridge's Pembroke Players returned to Japan for the fourth time with their production of Macbeth. Set in Edwardian Britain, in a country house haunted by the absence of a child, where rocking horses move unprovoked, the clocks forever tick, and spirits are ever present, the Macbeths are left questioning who and what they can trust as they sacrifice everything for power. 


Showcase #3 - Sept 1, 2012

Showcase 3

Like the previous showcase, all the material being shown was work-in-progress for our WALL OF SHAME: THE MUSICAL project and was presented in an open rehearsal format.  

After the performance, the audience was asked for their thoughts and opinions on what they'd just seen. Afterwards, we ate some light snacks together and chatted more informally.

We intend to continue presenting showcases every two to six months in order to try out material in development.

2011/2012 Season

Showcase #2 - April 28, 2012 

Showcase2 150

Yokohama Theatre is happy to announce our second showcase. We will once again be performing new material for a small audience in order to give you a chance to make an impact on our work.


Showcase #1 - Feb 4, 2012 

EnsembleShowcaseFrontA5On February 4th, 2012, the Yokohama Theatre Ensemble presented a short showcase of material they were been working on, including material intended for the WALL OF SHAME show later in the year. The material was presented as works-in-progress with no production budget whatsoever. The performance was followed by a discussion with the audience (about 30 minutes), after which light snacks were served and everyone talked informally.


Twelfth Night - September 19, 2011 


The Pembroke Players returned to Yokohama for the third time, bringing an all new director, cast, and Shakespeare production!



2010/2011 Season

Tartuffe - December 3 - 12, 2010 

IMG 3487Tartuffe was a new prose adaptation of the French classic. Each performance, however, contained 45 minutes of improvisation by the actors as they played characters stuck in a rural Japanese train station in 1941. Tartuffe was also the second coproduction between YTG and Tokyo International Players.


The bleakness of the situation of Japan in 1941 was used to contrast the light frivolity of Tartuffe itself while still delivering the play's original message on the idiocy of blind faith.


Much Ado About Nothing - Sep 30 & Oct 1, 2010 

Much Ado About NothingThe Pembroke Players returned to Yokohama in September, 2010 for their second kick at the can. This time, the Yokohama venue was Nigiwai-za. The cast and crew put on a spectacular Much Ado About Nothing, and we were sad to see them pack up and go.


2009/2010 Season

39 - March & Summer 2010 

39 poster

39 represented many firsts for Yokohama Theatre. It was the first wholly original mainstage show in the company's 110 year history; it was the first show to tour overseas; it was the first show to have more than 20 performances; and it was the first show to emphasize a process-driven approach to making Theatre.


Using the principle of time dilation, 39 told the story of an astronaut who returned to an earth that had become totally alien to him.

The Tempest - September 20, 2009 

YTG Tempest_Poster 150px

The Tempest was the first Pembroke Players tour to grace the Yokohama Theatre stage.

Shakespeare’s magical and strange last play – his poignant farewell to the stage – has love, tragedy, and comedy combined in equal measure, as the usurped Prospero draws his enemies to an enchanted island to exact his revenge.

Drawing intense focus from the theatrical nature of the play, the Pembroke Players' version of The Tempest was an intrusive production, bringing the audience right into the heart of the magical isle. What followed was explosive, irreverent, and deeply heartfelt; a production which released the lightness and dark of Shakespeare’s text, revealing a story which was at once playful and hilarious, but also broodingly disturbing.


2008/2009 Season 

William Shakespeare's R3 

R3 Flyer_Page_1

It's Shakespeare's text, but this was a Richard III like none before.

Instead of the usual moustachio-twirling villain, this Richard is human; he loves and he bleeds. The play examined why a man might do the terrible things that Richard does to get the crown, and asked the question: is it ever worth the cost?


The Beggar's Opera in Concert - August 28 - 30, 2009 

The Beggar's Opera - In Concert

The Beggar's Opera is a comic romp around the dingier corners of London, circa 1728.

The main character, Polly Peachum, is the daughter of a man who sells out fellow criminals to the law in order to collect the rewards. Her love interest, MacHeath, is a highwayman, whose weakness for women continually wreaks havok upon his life.

Our version of The Beggar's Opera was reconstructed by 60-year Tokyo resident Victor Searle (who sadly died in 2012), and was presented in an in-concert style as our summer 2009 fundraiser.


2007/2008 Season

The Last Christmas - January 20, 2008 

DSC 2361The Last Christmas was the first show of the 2007/2008 season. It was also Yokohama Theatre's first full co-production with a Tokyo company.


Ring Round the Moon - June 7 & 8, 2008 

RRTM Poster

Ring Round the Moon is a comedy written by French playwright Jean Anouilh and adapted into an English version by Christopher Fry. The action of the play takes place during the "Belle Epoque" in France, the peaceful era just before the first World War. Madame Desmortes, a wealthy matriarch, has invited various family members and acquaintances up to her chateau for a ball... but her nephew Hugo has other plans-- plans which will throw the entire evening into chaos.

The Yokohama Theatre version was framed by the story of a struggling amateur Theatre company trying to put on the play with few resources and a series of disasters.


2006/2007 Season

This Is Shakespeare!? - May 11 - 13, 2007 

This Is Shakespeare!?The show, chronicling in vignette form badly re-written Shakespearean plays through the ages, was YTG’s only production in its 2006 – 2007 season.



Older Shows 

Ancient History 

Oliver ProgrammeWe are slowly planning on building up a repository of older shows from Yokohama Theatre's days as a club. If you have any photos (particularly any dating from before the 1980s), please use our ::CONTACT FORM:: and let us know! We'd love to have scans of them.


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