REHEARSAL 5 - May 31

Location: Kanagawa Earth Plaza
Attendance: Sarah, Robert

We discussed improv scenarios and rehearsal methods.


REHEARSAL 6 – June 3rd, 2013

Location: Kanagawa Earth Plaza, Ikegami Ballet Studio
Attendance: Andrew, Robert, Sarah, Yinan

Our group has sadly narrowed to four members; but on the bright side I feel we have a strong, committed group now. Together we’re delving deeper into the Haunted theme.

This rehearsal was our first time at the Ikegami space. It’s a beautiful studio, and maybe the cleanest rehearsal space I’ve seen. Ballerinas must be cleaner than theatre groups.

We started with a quick physical warm up and then went onto our set improvisation exercises.

I then tried out a ghost storytelling exercise with some spooky background music. First it was one word per person, which was perhaps a little too stilted, then we tried one sentence per person.

We then explored the following scenario:

  •   Andrew and I are simultaneously living in a house, but we think we’re living alone. We begin to have suspicions when objects consistently change places when we’re out of the house. One day, Andrew discovers me. In the tense altercation that follows, information arises that has us wondering who the other is, and whether they are human, or something else.

Following this, Andrew did an acting exercise:

  • Individually, each ensemble member enters a familiar space. We quickly realise that something is not right in the space. Something is, in fact, very wrong. As we stand frozen with fear, we feel a presence right behind us. Soon, this feeling disappears and things seem to go back to normal. Even so, we get out as fast as we can.


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