REHEARSAL 12 - 25th June, 2013
Location: Studio Fields, Ikegami 
Attendance: Andrew, Robert, Sarah, Yinan
 The Imp on the Bed
This was a productive session. We did a quick warm-up and then split into two groups to work on different scenarios.

I was first paired with Andrew, while Sarah and Yinan formed another team. For our first scenario, Andrew and I were set in a shrinking room with three exits and had to decide which exit would set us free or damn us. Sarah and Yinan created a scene in which a woman (Sarah) tries to rescue what appears to be a trapped woman (Yinan) in a room. The trapped woman turns out to be a ghost, set free by exchanging places with the unknowing rescuer.
After this we switched partners to work on two more scenes. Andrew and Yinan presented a woman who must choose between life and loneliness, or a bleak afterlife with her partner. Sarah came up with a scene in which a monster is brought to life and kills by someone (unknowingly) reading a possessed book.
With our remaining rehearsal time Yinan and I presented two action-based monologues. Andrew and Sarah worked on a scene involving a juxtaposed couple and a missing wedding ring belonging to a dead relative.
For our next rehearsal, which is our last rehearsal before reviewing all our material so far, we will bring short snippets of music or song to add to the mix.


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