REHEARSAL 13 - 27th June, 2013
Location: Studio Fields, Ikegami 
Attendance: Andrew, Robert, Sarah, Yinan

Robert's Ghost MusicThis was the last scenarios production session before our review session the next day. We started with the music pieces quickly after we are done with warm-up. Robert brought two ghost music recordings and played one on guitar. Andrew sang and played with guitar “That’s All I Asked You For”, followed by Sarah leading us to try musical “House that Jack Built”.

A few scenarios we tried out:

1) Robert’s piece about a women (Yinan) chained on the neck trying to get a brother and sister? (Andrew and Sarah). Andrew was unconscious and Sarah can’t move since she was restricted by something. By the time Yinan broke the chain, Sarah wake Andrew up and they fled.

2) Yinan’s piece about a fake policeman, but actual killer, checking to see if the neighbor is able to recognize him.

3) A married couple. The wife had an abortion but the husband thought it was a miscaring and blamed himself for it. The wife packed up and decided to sneak out and leave before the husband come back home. They met by the door. The husband is persuading her to stay. She felt guilty yet still wanted to leave.

4) Husband came back home and saw her wife’s face deformed—melting down. The wife is unaware of it and the husband decided to cover her face to death.