Rehearsal #17 – July 9, 2013

Location: Studio Field, Ikegami
Attendance: Andrew, Yinan, Sarah 


Sarah ran the warm-up for this rehearsal. We invented a new rule that whoever misses a rehearsal report must also write the next one (and run the warm-up as well), but since I ran the warm-up last time, Sarah took it this time. If that doesn’t make sense, don’t worry, it’s not so important.


Robert’s on his honeymoon, so we won’t see him again until rehearsal #19, which will be held at the performance venue in Takata. So we’re continuing to expand existing scenes and ideas without him.

MVI_9168We spent most of the rehearsal working on the character Sarah developed of the vengeful ghost of a murdered girlfriend. We’ve started calling her ‘Daisy’ as a placeholder, which I take the blame for. We did a scene in which Daisy, posing as a cleaning lady, begins to torment her murderer’s new wife. We ran and recorded it multiple times as it developed. The question was always: how can it be clear that Daisy is a ghost and not just a crazy lady? I think we came up with some workable ideas for that.


For the last half-hour of the rehearsal, we worked on two other scenes:

1) A man coming home, and noticing a bad smell. He searches until he finds the source of that smell. (A human ear in his pocket.)

2) Another Yotsuya Kaidan moment, where the friend comes to seduce the disfigured wife, sees her face, tries to kill her, but can’t. So he shoves her into the bathroom to  see her face in the mirror.


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