Location: Studio Field, Ikegami
Attendance: Roni, Yinan, Andrew, Robert, Sarah


So, on Thursday we had our final rehearsal in the Ikegami dance studio.

Hard at Work

Last rehearsal, we spent most of our time playing with scenes written on index cards and putting them in order. We also made a MUST / RESERVE list for extra scenes to use as transitions. At this rehearsal, in order to do at least some work on our feet, we worked on further developing two scenes.

Without going into much detail, since we’re getting to the point where saying too much could spoil the show to a certain degree, we’ve got three main stories and a fourth “relief” story. However, the third story, which is actually a reworking of a famous Japanese tale, is woefully underdeveloped when compared to the first two, so it was very nice when Sarah and Robert developed a very beautiful moment. I’m unsure of our ability to use it as-is, due to the architectural arrangement of our venue, but it’s certainly a great jumping off point and will likely stir up some great ideas. (It already has.)

Meanwhile, Yinan and I had another go at a scene which we’ve revised to fit into one of the other storylines, and I think we’ve created something interesting and dynamic that makes a good use of the space we will have available to us. We need to do more of this—taking advantage of the fact that we’re in a very interesting building.

After working on those scenes, we went back to our index cards and took another stab at running order and show structure. We’ve sadly let go of some scenes we really liked (including a great series of scenes we called “THE THREE TWO DOORS”), but the show will be stronger for it.

Our next rehearsal is on Sunday, July 21, and it will go ALL DAY. We’re all looking forward to doing some more development, I think. Well, I am, anyway.