Location: Steep Slope Studios, Hinodecho
Attendance: Yinan, Robert, Roni, Andrew, Sarah

Another full day rehearsal at Steep Slope. We revisited scenes we did the day before and worked on the blocking and dialogue for scenes we hadn’t worked on much yet.

We also did some more technical stuff like making a props and set list. One of the great things about doing a show in a real house is that you don’t have to work too hard to establish setting. We also wrote out the dialogue for the beginning of the show. This part has a little bit of audience interaction (ooh!) so some of the cast played audience members and actors had to improvise in relation to what they came up with.

We left the rehearsal room with a slight whiff of onion in the air...

Exciting stuff!


[Andrew’s Note] Afterwards, we all went to the monthly GEKISALON at the Yokohama Sotetsu Gekijou to pitch the show to other independent Theatre groups. While there, we snapped this photo of all the YTG team in attendance:



From left to right: Roni, Sarah Yinan, Andrew, Robert, Naoto, and Takahiko

Takahiko is a founding member of the ensemble, and is on haitus until 2014 to work on other projects.

Naoto is a brilliant artist who does the illustrations for most of YTG’s posters, and did the incredible poster design for this show.