Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Location: Steep Slope Studios, Hinodecho
Attendance: Yinan, Robert, Roni, Andrew, Sarah


Today we had our LAST REHEARSAL before loading into the house this coming Monday. That also means 6 days “off”, although several of us are scurrying around getting other things done like finding props and costumes.


After working the Imp scenes for the first time, we did our first stumble-through today and found that it ran very short. Like probably under 45 minutes from the audience leaving the station to the end. Of course, we were in a studio, not in the house, so some things took a lot less time than they will in production, but still, it was a bit scary.


Then we went back and worked scenes one-by-one again.. not to tighten them up, but just to make them better. We did that for the rest of the day. We worked until late and then broke for some of the best curry any of us have ever eaten in Japan. Want to know where it was? Then come to the show and ask us.


Again, we didn’t take any photos or video during the rehearsal, so here is a photo of a happy baby:2013-07-26 19.20.49