Campaign Update: Extension


UPDATE: We have extended the campaign until Saturday, April 5, so if you haven’t supported the show yet or want to upgrade to another perk to inch us closer to our target, you will have the chance. We’re also adding a final new perk: Limited edition prints by Tokyo artist Marc Tibbs.


Marc is donating a small number of wood block prints based on characters in “39 Redux”. Each character will be limited to 12 prints, 10 of which will be available as perks.


A sample is pictured below. This is not one of the prints you can get; this is just to give you an idea of the style.




Below, you can see a rough sketch of one the pieces that will be made into a print. It is a character study of Umquat, an artificial human who serves as the avatar of the artificially intelligent spacecraft called The Waste of Space.



So, get your prints right now. To jump straight to the print order page, ::CLICK HERE::


If you’re already a campaign backer and want to upgrade your perk, use our ::CONTACT FORM:: and let us know!

New Perk - Headshot/Portrait Photo Shoot

This new perk includes two tickets to the performance of your choice (or video/DVD if you can’t make the show), plus a photo shoot to either make headshots, or just portrait shots without your name on, if you’re not an actor.

(If you also do theatre shows in the Kanto area, you can ask me to photograph your show instead.)

The perk includes the shoot itself, to be done in May, 2014, using natural light, with a sit-down session to choose which 5 photos will get processed and "finished". The result will be 5 headshot/portrait photos given to you as digital files, which you can take to the local photo shop to get printed.

To get this perk ::CLICK HERE::

For a sample of work, see below:


To get this perk ::CLICK HERE::

New Perk - Brooches

Tokyo artist Marc Tibbs is producing some lovely brooches (or pins, if you prefer) for us. The brooches are about 2cm by 2cm and will be laser-burned with the 39 logo. There are two to choose from: the wood version and the acrylic version. The wood version is pictured below, although this is just a prototype and the final version may look slightly different.. The acrylic version is translucent white and the logo will become visible when light hits it in a certain way.


We’re really excited to have Marc contributing his art and his time in designing and manufacturing these for us. These brooches will be a limited run. Production will be limited to the number produced during this campaign.


You can order one brooch (your choice, wood or acrylic) by ::CLICKING HERE:: or you can order both versions together by ::CLICKING HERE::


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