39 Redux

39 Redux

April 11 - 13, 2014


Friday, April 11 @ 19:30
Saturday, April 12 @ 13:30 & 19:30
Sunday, April 13 @ 16:30


It's back!

Originally developed by Andrew Woolner (performer/writer) and Kimberly Tierney for our 2009/2010 Season (and summer Fringe tour to Canada), 39 returns to Japan!

Under the guiding hand of new director Graig Russell, the slimmed down, one-man, touring version of the show is being revamped with new technology and a new perspective. Performer Woolner again plays the wayward astronaut protagonist.

39 will be performed along with the two new YTG Ensemble shows (a people apart, shows a and b).

We are raising money for this project via a crowdfunding campaign. Tickets will be available only through the campaign until the week of the show. That campaign can be found at http://sponsor.ytg.jp

About 39 - The Origins

I’ve recorded a short video about how 39 first came to be. This will probably be the first in a series where I will talk about the production of 39 as well as give some background to the story and the world that we created for the show.



If you’re interested in the project, you can help support it by visiting http://sponsor.ytg.jp .


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