39 complex


The 39 Complex was YTG's spring show in 2014. It was made up of three original one-act plays combined into one evening of theatre.

This was YTG's first crowd-funded show; we raised nearly half a million yen from backers all over the world in order to put it on. It will provide the template for future fundraising.

The 39 Complex consisted of three shows:


39 Redux, directed by Graig Russell
Written & Performed by Andrew Woolner

The story of an astronaut who goes into space for six years and returns to find the world he left irrevocably changed. Written by and starring Andrew Woolner, the show is revived under the steady hand of director Graig Russell.


a people apart (A), directed by Graig Russell
Written & Performed by Graig Russell, Mayu Cho, Robert Collins, Mari Kawamura, Sarah Lumsden, Kira Airy, and Bjarke Dethlefsen

A show by the YTG ensemble, directed by Graig Russell. The show was scripted in rehearsal and is about the idea of presenting isolation in a thoroughly social medium. The final product was a piece of meta-theatre purportedly about someone named Boyd Cressman, but actually about the act of storytelling itself.


a people apart (B), directed by Tania Coke
Performed by Mari Kawamura, Sarah Lumsden, Kira Airy, and Bjarke Dethlefsen

Directed by Corporeal Mime performer and instructor Tania Coke, this show took the same theme as a people apart (A) and went in a more physical direction. It was a kinetic, wacky, and engaging performance.


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