'a people apart' Rehearsal Logs

Here is a record of our rehearsals for a people apartwritten and compiled by the members of the company (performers). This log records show 'A', directed by Graig Russell.


Ensemble members will take turns writing the reports in either English or Japanese.


これは私たちの舞台、「a people apart」A の日記です。この舞台はカンパニーのメンバーに書かれたものです。

Rehearsal Report #9

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Location: JDS Studio
Ensemble members present: Graig (director), Sarah, Bjarke, Mayu, Mari, Robert, Kira 



Graig forgot about his harsh 7-minutes workout\warm up, and we are fine with it.

We run the whole script twice. Within these two times, we tried to pay more attention to the speed and little details.
Graig came to the conclusion that this part of the show will be longer than expected. 

I can't write more without giving it all away, but I hope that at the end, when you'll see the show you will get the same feeling I get every time I read the script – that your heart is squashed [not literally, it sounds pretty painful].

Next Wednesday is your last rehearsal on “A people apart [A]” and then we'll start working with Tanya.

By the way, can anyone lend us a long, red wig? 

Rehearsal Report #8

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014
Location: JDS Studio
Ensemble members present: Graig (director), Sarah, Robert, Bjarke, Mayu, Mari, Kira


新しいスクリプト――― オープニングから、エンディングまで



それが、このA People Apart Project


Rehearsal Report #7

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014
Location: JDS Studio
Ensemble members present: Graig (director), Sarah, Robert, Bjarke, Mayu, Mari 

Tonight after a slightly later than normal start and obligatory warm-up, we focused our attention on the ending of the show. Graig explained his concept, followed by some script readings and runs. We did about three complete runs with Graig diligently adjusting some lines and stage positions.


Without giving anything away, it was quite a productive rehearsal. It looks like the script will pretty much be finished in the next week or so, along with other fine details, such as costumes.

Rehearsal Report #6

Date: January 15th
Location: JDS Studios Kawasaki
Attendance: Mari, Mayu, Bjarke, Kira, Rob, Sarah, Graig 


We began the rehearsal with a reading of the updated script and a seven minute work out from hell. This is the second time we’ve done the work out and it was just as hellish as the first. Perhaps it would help if I did some amount of exercise in between...hmm. After some post-workout snacks we launched into exploring the script. After a few goes of the first block of script we were given the direction to really try and ‘sell it’ to the audience, and after that I felt the energy really picked up and the text became a lot more playful and vivid. Except for perhaps Rob’s character who became a lot darker this week. We’re slowly starting to get a bit of flow with it, but things should really come together when we set more script and start learning some dialogue. Looking forward to honing the individual talents of the group in the coming rehearsals...a red wig has been ordered!


P.S. As I was taking off my sailor shorts after rehearsal we realized we hadn’t taken a photo. So that’s why the photo is of me with no pants.



Rehearsal Report #5

Attendance: Graig, Mari, Mayu, Sarah, Robert, Kira, Bjarke







Rehearsal Report #4

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Location: JDS Studio
Ensemble members present: Graig (director), Sarah, Bjarke, Kira, Mari

Late: Mayu, Andrew [via Skype]

RehearsalIn this rehearsal we got a script that was written by Graig. It was 2 pages long and it contained the optional beginning of the show.

In the script every member got to explain what he or she thinks is a good way to end a show. In order to write that we sent Graig our suggestions in advance. He got some nice endings (for example: A wedding – happy ending) and some bizarre yet hilarious endings (everyone turns into cake and milk is purring from the ceiling).

After reading the script a few times to the mic, we started improvising optional endings, starting with “The best way to end a show is - - -”. At the meantime we were given accessories, bought and brought by Sarah.

After Andrew joined, we started a new improvisation: “How did Boyd die?” Again, talking to the mic, each person gave his suggestion and then stepped back to the line everyone was standing in.

There will be a long break until next rehearsal, because of Christmas and New years eve. Next time we will get a longer script to work with.

Merry Christmas!

Rehearsal Report #3

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Location: JDS Studio
Ensemble members present: Graig (director), Sarah, Robert, Bjarke, Mayu, Mari












『いいや、彼は鳥熊(Bird Bear)だったであろう』







Rehearsal Report #2

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Location: JDS Studio
Ensemble members present: Graig (director), Sarah, Robert, Kira, Bjarke, Mayu, Mari

For tonight’s rehearsal, each of us brought in material to help develop the character of ‘Boyd’. This included a variety of poems and letters. Using a microphone, we each read our individual material, interjected with questions about Boyd from the other ensemble members. At the end of the exercise, it was apparent that there were a number of common threads in idea of who Boyd is and so, our image of Boyd grew.

After this, we tried a physical exercise. Five of us repeated a series of similar actions with one person acting differently – a person apart as it were.

At the end of the rehearsal Graig hinted a little at the direction the show was taking.

Rehearsal Report #1

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Location: JDS Studio
Ensemble members present: Graig (director), Sarah, Robert, Kira, Bjarke
Late: Mari


(Note: the group has had several rehearsals prior to this one, in which we brought in material to “jam” with. The rehearsal log starts here, with the first week that the ensemble actually performing the show was to be in attendance. Andrew is abroad for three months and will only participate tangentially. Mayu and Mari have recently rejoined the group.)


For this rehearsal we all brought in anecdotes about a time in our lives we felt isolated. We began working by making a shape with our bodies close together and entangled, upstage centre. Once satisfied with the shape, Robert and I stood stage right and Bjarke and Kira stage left. We spent time just standing, being present in the space, acknowledging one another across the room, and then as Graig dimmed the lights, we made our way upstage centre and created our shape. Then one by one we peeled off, walked over to a microphone and read our anecdotes. Once each person finished they walked over to a stool and sat, either facing or with their back to, the audience. We tried this sequence with many different variations initiated by Graig, including switching to the person’s native language.

After a break, we picked up with the anecdotes again. This time with the musically gifted Robert playing various kinds of piano music behind each anecdote. It was interesting to see how having lounge jazz or sad theme music changed the overall feel of the anecdote being told.

After some discussion of what we discovered in the rehearsal and some of Graig’s ideas and musings on the show, we were given our weekly homework assignment. Next week everyone will bring in a piece of writing about Boyd, a man who appeared in some text brought in by Andrew a few rehearsals a go.     


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