by Naoto Kojoh

Performed at the WORLD PEACE THEATRE in Kawasaki
August 16 & 17, 2014

The Teleportation Project was a fantastic piece of theatre that explored the personal, social, and philosophical consequences of a world-changing technology. The show was created in rehearsal by YTG and guest director from Holland Jochem van Rijsingen.

Teleportation is the instantaneous transportation of a person or an object from one place to another. We used this theme to examine how instant travel could change society and human identity. Is the person who has been broken apart at one end and assembled again at the other end (with different molecules, but otherwise identical) the same person, or did the original die? What could be the social consequences of such a technology?

The Teleportation Project featured the YTG 2014 Summer Ensemble (Andrew Woolner, Shenandoah Butterworth, and Andrew Kehoe), the JDS Company Youth dance ensemble, and select JDS Soul Kids.


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