Two Gents Web 300px"What fashion, madam, shall I make your breeches?"

The Pembroke Players are back again in Yokohama, with another lively touring production in which girls play the boys, boys play the girls, and a dog (sort of) plays the dog. A bare stage will be filled with live music, physical comedy, and serious moral dilemmas.

Proteus and Valentine are best friends, but they have very different opinions about love. While Proteus stays at home writing his girlfriend terrible poetry, Valentine heads to the big city where he won't have to listen to it. Things get complicated, though, when they develop rather similar opinions about the lovely Silvia.

Meanwhile the girls decide it's not just men who can go on adventures, and set out from home to get their way. But things will become a lot more complicated, and a lot darker, before they can all just call it a day and get married.

The show will be performed at Nigiwai-za in Yokohama. Please ::CLICK HERE:: for a map.


As in previous years, this year's Cambridge University Pembroke Players Japan Tour is principally sponsored by Seikei University as part of their 'Shakespeare Week' series of events.


 Two Gentlemen... will be performed in the original English of the period. An English and Japanese synopsis will be provided in the programme for those not fluent in Elizabethan-era language. Of course, when Shakespeare is performed well, it's not so important to understand every word. So much is communicated through physicality, tone of voice, and relationships that some people never even need to look at the synopsis to enjoy the show.


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