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By the Hour show summary

_DSC3273Our February show about sex workers in Yokohama is over, but the photos are now available. You can find them on the gallery page for the show by ::CLICKING HERE::.

In By the Hour Naoe Kawamoto and Andrew Woolner explored the inner lives of older sex workers in Yokohama. After giving some brief background information in Japanese and English on the sex industry and its workings, Naoe and Andrew took stories from their research, chose key moments, and dramatized the emotional responses and repercussions of those moments. These intense scenes, three to a character, were bookended by longer, physical scenes that gave further context to the play.

Each performance of the play was followed by a brief Q & A to allow the audience to ask questions about the process of creating the show or about sex work.

This presentation of By the Hour is a first iteration of a longer project that will involve deeper research into the lives of sex workers.

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Show: By the Hour


NOTICE: The Friday Feb 12 19:30 show and the Saturday Feb 13 14:00 show have been cancelled due to technical issues.

Show Dates:
Friday, February 12 @ 19:30
Saturday, February 13 @ 14:00 & 19:30
Sunday, February 14 @ 13:00 & 17:00
Location: World Peace Theatre (in Kawasaki)
(for map and directions ::CLICK HERE::)
Regular: 3000 Yen
Student: 2000 Yen
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In By The Hour, performers Andrew Woolner and Naoe Kawamoto explore the domestic sex industry as it exists in Yokohama and the surrounding region. This show, created in rehearsal, will attempt an unbiased look at the industry, those involved directly and indirectly, and public perceptions of sex work. The show, designed to be accessible to a mixed-language audience, will be presented in a mix of Japanese and English.

By the Hour is presented as part of the TPAM festival showcase.



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