Nerd Nite #8: Rumbles Underground, All Around and in the Clouds

Tremble ye nerds, for we are shaking, rattling and rolling to the tune of our talks in February!

When: Feb. 10 (Friday), doors open 19:30, start 20:00

Earthquakes: the Pulse of a Living Planet -- Geophysicist Christine Houser on seismology and Earth's tectonic dynamics (https://twitter.com/seismodoc)

Non-profits in Japan: Where Do They Stand? -- NPO consultant Sarajean Rossitto on developments in volunteerism and philanthropy post-3/11

Astrophysical Big Bangs: Supernovae, Gamma Ray Bursts, and the People Who Love Them -- Astrophysicist Don Warren delivers an explosive cosmic bonanza

Where: Good Heavens (::CLICK HERE:: for Google map) (https://www.facebook.com/goodheavensbar/)
Price: ¥1500 on the door*, includes 1 drink

*YTG Member-level Patrons on patreon.com/ytg get in and drink for free. Please register below.

Be there and be square!
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How to get involved with future Nerd Nites:
If you are interested in presenting, message us on Facebook or send a DM on Twitter (@nntokyo). You do not have to be a science presentation pro! Anyone -- scientists, engineers, makers, hackers, science fans or storytellers -- can give a talk at Nerd Nite about their own projects or just anything they find cool, with a science/nature/wow/geek angle.
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Be there and be square!

Get into the holiday spirit with talks on food, elections and "wootz steel" -- it's the year's final Nerd Nite on 12/16!

*A History of Nanotech from Ancient Alchemy to Modern Materials -- Sai Maddala (https://twitter.com/SMaddala1919) will tell us how nanomaterials have influenced human history from ancient Egypt to today

*Yum or Yuck? Interacting with Food Through all our Senses -- It's all about those delicious amino acids, says Ana San Gabriel (https://twitter.com/anateresa66)

*Opinion Poll Overdose: More Politics, Less Science -- Political science professor Donna Weeks (https://twitter.com/psephy/) will talk about the love-hate relationship election analysts have with polls

When: Dec. 16 (Friday), doors open 19:30, start 20:00
Where: Good Heavens British Bar Tokyo (https://www.facebook.com/goodheavensbar/), map: https://goo.gl/maps/DkUDAtcFAgH2
How much: 1500 yen on the door, includes 1 drink

Be there and be square!
http://tokyo.nerdnite.com/ // http://twitter.com/nntokyo