The Full Gamut was the name of the double bill we performed with Yanomi Shoshinz on September 18 and 19, 2016 at the World Peace Theater in Kawasaki, Japan.

A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup

20160919 MissHiccup Color 8 of 91The first show was A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup, a hilarious and beautiful story by award-winning clown and performer Yanomi Shoshinz. YTG Artistic Director Andrew Woolner met Yanomi while on tour to the Edmonton and Victoria Fringe theatre festivals back in 2010. Since then, Andrew has been looking for an opportunity to bring Yanomi's whimsical physical comedy to YTG audiences and was thrilled when the Kawasaki Tokkaido Festival offered the opportunity.

The play has a simple story: Miss Hiccup lives alone, but is definitely not lonely. She lives in a world full of a raucous cast of sounds and music that make her life an absurd adventure.

The show was truly all-ages and entertained children as young as 1 year old in addition to the many adults who attended the show.

Touch Me Not

 DSC1861The second show of the double bill was based on a true story, and set in the Philippines in the 1930s. Touch Me Not is a play about two people who could not be more opposite. A film-maker obsesses about recreating his lost masterpiece (and his past) from surviving outtakes and scraps of film while his house cleaner demands that he pay attention to the here and now.

Touch Me Not featured YTG ensemble members Andrew Woolner and Naoe Kawamoto (By the Houras well as Kentaro Suyama (Are You...?), and was directed by associate artist Tania Coke (a people apart b, Are You..?, The Other Show), who was also featured.

Both shows used very little language in telling their respective stories, making them suitable for a wide audience. This was YTG's best selling show in more than four years: an incredible feat for a double-bill or original plays!


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