outliers web 1On September 18, 2017, the Yokohama Theatre Group closed the last of its seven performances of The Outliers: Campfire Stories of the Future.

The show was a series of vignettes presented by future storytellers to their audience. In a world ravaged by climate change, they told stories from the past, stories of their own creation, and even stories that were improvised on the spur of the moment. There were stories about gods from long-dead (or newly invented) pantheons, about finding unknown artifacts from our time, and about fixtures of the post-apocalyptic landscape that our storytellers live in.

Cobbling this show together was far from easy; it took juggling, being starfishes (in-joke), falling in love with stuffed animals (in-joke), drafting scripts, re-drafting scripts, re-re-drafting scripts and thoroughly reimagining the show to get it where it eventually ended up. It was, however, a labour of love for all those involved, and we were sad when it all ended and we said goodbye to that final audience.

outliers web 3

outliers web 2



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