Former ensemble members and members on hiatus (break).

Yokohama Theatre has 14 registered members
PhotoName / 名前Title
Andrew Kehoe
Summer Ensemble Member 2014
Kira Airy
アイリ キーラ
Apprentice Member
Bjarke Dethlefsen
Intern, Apprentice Member
Yinan Hu
Summer Ensemble Member '13
Saori Kobayashi
小林 沙織
Ensemble Member
Hiraku Kawakami
川上 啓
Ensemble Member (on hiatus)
Jochem van Rijsingen
Intern / Guest Director
Mayu Cho
長 真由
Ensemble Member
Robert Collins
Ensemble Member
Takahiko Arai
荒井 孝彦
Ensemble Member
Roni Tobias Gideon
Summer Ensemble Member '13
Sarah Lumsden
Ensemble Member
Shana Kehoe
Summer Ensemble Member 2014
Mari Kawamura
川村 茉莉
Ensemble Member


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