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YTheatre School


Some of us want to do more than just earn a living. We want to express ourselves as Theatre artists and do work that we can be proud of. Those of us who have developed skills over the years want to pass them on to other artists to enable others to express themselves more fully.

That is why we at the YTheatre School have decided to start offering classes based on the principles that we, at Yokohama Theatre, hold dear.

Our goal is not to turn out actors who are just cogs in a machine, but artists who are capable of creating Theatre works on their own, even in the absence of a director, or writer, or anyone telling them what to do. Even if you have no desire to become an actor, per se, this kind of training will definitely help you grow and develop creatively if you embrace it.

If you haven't done so already, visit our ::CLASSES:: page to see the list of upcoming classes.

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