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Our current range of classes are for adults, but we will accept students as young as 16. Students 15 and younger will require an interview with the course instructor before being admitted.

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There is a 20% discount offered for anyone who takes three or more classes in a semester, or for our returning students.


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Class: Tools for Acting


Cost: 22,500 Yen total for 5 sessions (20% discount for returning YTG students; 10% for current high school/university students)
Time: Saturdays, 18:30 - 21:30
Dates: June 2 - 30, 2018
Location: JDS Studios
(for map and directions::CLICK HERE::)
Language of Instruction: English


Acting sometimes can be quite tricky: even though you have memorized the lines, you must hear every line the other actor says as if you were hearing it for the first time; even though you have read the end of the play, you must not think about it because your character doesn't know what's going to happen next. You have to have your real emotions alive inside of you, even though you know what's happening in the play isn't really happening in real life. Sometimes you have to feel something for the other actor that you don't feel in real life, and sometimes you must express or defend a point of view that you personally disagree with.

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