Cost: 27,000 Yen total for 6 sessions (20% discount for returning YTG students; 10% for current high school/university students)
Time: Sundays, 13:00 - 17:00
Dates: May 20 - June 24, 2018
Location: JDS Studios
(for map and directions::CLICK HERE::)
Language of Instruction: English


Everyone has a story. Stories can be told in many different ways, through multiple disciplines and by various people. This time the story is yours! In this class we will work how to tell the story you always wanted to tell. During this class we will practice with different methods and develop your acting skills while working towards presenting your story on stage. What do you want to tell? How does it communicate with your audience? What specific skills do you want to expand or discover? These are all questions we will work on. 

 For this class it’s important to bring your own inspirational material from where we can start your story. This can be: a book, an image, a movie, a music piece, a specific person, a way of thinking, name it. From there we will create!

Class 1: What’s your story?
In this class we’ll discover who you are as performer and what the story is you want to tell. We’ll start with setting goals, discussing sources/inspiration, developing our theatre terminology and an introduction to the way of working.

Class 2: Physical approach
In this session we’ll approach our work from a physical angle. You will be the performer of your story. Therefore we need to find out what kind of physique suits you and supports your story. Through different methods we’ll explore and broaden your physical capabilities as a performer.

Class 3: Textual approach
In this session we’ll approach our work form a textual angle. What is it that you tell and how? There are many ways to say your lines and we’ll dive into the various options. In this class you’ll learn tips and tricks you can use with any kind of text.

Class 4: Visual approach
In this session we’ll approach our work from a visual angle. Learning how to make use of the space, how to position yourself as performer and discovering the power of creating strong images.

Class 5: Composing your story
In this session we’ll be making choices. What elements do you want to use? How does your story communicate with your audience? You will gain knowledge about dramaturgic tools which you can use in this class and future projects.

Class 6: Taking your story to the stage
In this last session you’ll be taking your story to the stage. Before entering the stage we’ll be zooming in on your story and work on the last details. Then it’s finally time to share your story!

About the teacher:

Arthur Buchholz is a Dutch actor, theatremaker and teacher who has made multiple performances and plays in the Netherlands. With strong passion for everything that involves art he makes pieces with divergent groups of people. Praised by Dutch artists for his visually strong work he now wants to break borders and discover other artists to create ‘Art’ together. 




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