There are many ways that you can get involved with the Yokohama Theatre Group.

Whether you’re visiting from another country or whether you live here; whether you have theatre skills or whether you don’t; whether you’re looking for a short stint or whether you yearn for a long haul… or if you’re just looking for a worthy arts organization to support (and get benefits from), we’ve got something for you.

演技・作劇経験なしでも大歓迎!私たち Yokohama Theatre Group と一緒に活動をしてみませんか? インターンシップや長期メンバーとしての募集も随時行っています。

If you’re looking to help with admin, or venue organization, get in touch!

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Become a Patron

Join a select group of people who have joined our Patreon campaign. Donate to us on a per-event basis and get show tickets, videos, and more.

International Internship

Spend time working with us in Japan. We regularly accept interns from all over the globe. Because we’re so small, you’ll spend your time doing important stuff, not fetching coffee.

Volunteering / Domestic Internship

We’re always looking for a few good people to help us out with pretty much everything across the board.

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