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“If you wish to make an apple

pie from scratch, you must first

invent the universe.” — Dr. Carl Sagan

Each show we invent is like its own universe. It starts with the spark of an idea and, through the collaboration of the entire ensemble, it grows from there.

We don’t hold auditions. If you can commit to being in the room for rehearsals, you can be an ensemble member! Not every ensemble member will necessarily end up as a lead performer in the show, but part of the process is to figure out where you and your specific talents fit in. Understand that everyone does a little bit of everything, and ensemble members will be asked and expected to help out with production.


We’re not just looking for actors: we’re looking for other designers, visual artists, dancers, designers, or anyone who has an urge to express themselves and throw themselves into the theatre creation process.

What we’re not looking for: those who are going to harass or belittle other group members, or otherwise make people uncomfortable. A theatre ensemble is an environment built on trust and mutual respect, and we reject anyone who seeks to break that.