Haunted 150px大変申し訳ございません。このコンテンツは現在日本語でご利用いただけません。しかし現在みなさまのために翻訳作業をしております。近日中にまたご覧ください!

On August 3rd and 4th, 2013 YTG presented its second House Show.

The show was created and scripted by the Yokohama Theatre Summer Ensemble in rehearsal, based on scene ideas and improvisations created by members, working from the theme of  "Haunted".

Unlike the first House Show, in which the ensemble used a living room as a makeshift theatre, the Summer Ensemble took on the challenge of using the house pretty much as-is. The architecture and layout of the house directly inspired not just the theme, but also each and every scene in the show.


Haunted by Naoto KasuyaBecause the performance took place in a house, the audience for each showing was limited to just 10 people. The audience moved throughout the house during the performance driven by two ushers and the characters in the show. There were several guest actors in this show: Sanami Komori played a maid with a lantern, Ayano Iwakura played a revenge ghost, and the three dogs who lived in the house played three phantom dogs.



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