September 14 – 16, 2019 at the World Peace Theatre in Kawasaki

The Antigone team at YTG worked for six months to create this refreshing take on a 2400 year-old classical play by Sophocles. There was a showcase performance in June, 2019 to solicit audience feedback, followed by a mainstage performance in September.

After a terrible civil war, Creon the king has set up an oppressive regime with strict gender roles to keep order among his people. He is opposed by his niece, Antigone, who tries to fight for what she believes is right while her sister, Ismene, lives in fear of the consequences.


Yokohama Theatre Group は今年の春から、現代社会におけるジェンダー役割の課題を見つめ直し、オリジナル作品を作劇してきました。アンサンブルメンバー20人で創りあげた作品です。ぜひ私たちの9月公演に足を運んでみてください。


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