Upcoming Projects

The Yokohama Theatre Group creates non-lingual and multi-lingual devised theatre. We’re always working on new projects, or redeveloping existing shows, and we’re eager to receive commissions or offers of collaboration.


Inspired by Rolling Puppet Alternative Theatre’s Made in Macau project, we’re working with them and others to develop a series of Yokohama-based pieces.


Work has commenced on our annual show for the Tokkaido Arts Week Festival. Rehearsals will be starting soon. If you want to be involved as an ensemble member or as a volunteer, click here.

Original Shows

Selected original plays devised collectively by a constantly changing ensemble of creative people. Click on an image for more information.


A Play About Migration

The Outliers

Campfire Stories of the Future

Touch Me Not

A Play About Opposites

By the Hour

A meditation on middle-aged sex workers in Yokohama (TPAM Showcase 2016)


A young woman’s self-assessment through the filter of Margaret of Anjou

The Other Show

A short partner show created for Kikai-ga-shima‘s Taipei tour and then remounted for a festival on a Fukushima mountaintop.


A Noh-inspired play about the reality-bending nature of the theatre

Hosted Shows

Selected guest performances produced by YTG

Two Little Boxes

A performance deconstructing gender roles by ReallyNice Physical Theatre Company

Space Hippo

Award-winning shadow puppetry by Mochinosha.

I’m Doing This For You

A one-woman comedy by Canadian writer/performer Haley McGee